Magaluf Weather September

Weather Magaluf In September


Magaluf weather in September is the last month of summer in Majorca. The average temperature this month is 22°C, a three-degree decrease since August, but still very warm. Consequently, September is, in fact, the third warmest month of the year, after August and July. Furthermore, June is a close fourth, with an average of 21°C. Subsequently in September, the temperature drops to a comfortable average of 16°C at night, while in the afternoon, it climbs to an average high of 28°C. However, these two averages decrease in the course of the month. Firstly, September 1st is the warmest day of the month with a daytime high of 29°C and a nighttime low of 18°C. Secondly, September 30th is the coolest day with a high of 25°C and a low of 15°C. Finally, the sea temperature is still comfortably warm this month and averages 25°C.


September is characterised by a small increase in rainfall compared with the two previous summer months. Now, the total amount of rainfall is 40mm and there are 8 days with precipitation. Similarly, the exact same numbers are also observed in February and March. As a rule September is the fifth driest month of the year. S0, the probability that rainfall occurs also increases drastically in the course of the month. Firstly, September 1st is the driest day of the month with a 22% chance of precipitation, while September 30th is the wettest with a 33% chance. Also, just like the other summer months, the most common type of rainfall is thunderstorms, which occur on 49% of the days with rainfall. Finally, moderate rain is the second most likely type, happening on 27% of the rainy days. Drizzle and light rain may occur as well, but are far less common.

Sunshine Hours

The length of the days gradually decreases in the course of September, from 13.03 daylight hours in the beginning of the month to 11.48 hours of daylight at the end. As a result, this decrease of 1.15 hours implies that each day in September is 2.5 longer than the next one.
Also about halfway through September, Magaluf enters the cloudier half of the year. Firstly, September 1st is the clearest day of the month with 29% cloud cover. Secondly, September 30th is the cloudiest day with 37% cloud cover. Still, though, a typical day in September is mostly clear or totally clear 58% of the time and is mostly cloudy or overcast only 11% of time. To summarise, it’s still a pretty sunny time of year! There are 10 hours of sunshine per day on average, which is a two-hour decrease since August. Subsequently the same number of daily sunshine hours is recorded in April.

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