Phase 2 Of Reopening Magaluf To Begin

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On Monday 25th May 2020, Majorca and Magaluf are scheduled to enter phase 2 of the reopening process.

Since 11th May 2020, Magaluf bars and restaurants have been allowed to open for business by limiting their terraces to 50% of normal capacity. While not all bars and restaurants are open, the process has started serving mostly locals and Magaluf workers.

Hair salons and massage parlours were also reopened allowing Magaluf to start to return to normal.

Phase 2 is scheduled to come into effect on Monday 25th May 2020 and will include the reopening of indoor areas for bars and restaurants with up to 40% capacity. The only exclusion will be for nightclubs which will still need to wait a little longer.

Hotels may reopen all common areas such as lounges and swimming pools but will need to keep capacity to a third. However, due to the restrictions from flights from other countries, they will only be serving residents and tourists from unrestricted countries. This also includes cinemas, theatres and shopping malls.

Hotels like BH Mallorca have already started accepting bookings from next week on

Eastenders Bar in Magaluf posted on their Facebook;

“It’s extremely positive here at the moment, most of the hairdressers, massage shops, beauty salons have been open a week with appointments only. There are quite a few shops, tobacco shops and supermarkets also open mainly in Palma nova. Beach bars, and quite a few bars and restaurants have also been open a week now with a limited terrace (50%), with the inside of pubs and restaurants being allowed to open 50 % next week. The police are going around making sure that all businesses are applying to the keeping to the rules. Spain now have only 54,000 active cases of corona now which is the lowest in Europe, with all the islands having practically none. From next week we will see hotels starting to open with the arrivals of some European flights starting and hopefully soon we will see tourists arriving from the Uk, we’re looking to open as soon as we see flights from the Uk arriving, also the rules here are changing everyday as the cases are dropping so fast, the two week isolation period is now and not for the whole summer. We expect this measure to be scrapped within a few weeks”

Eastenders bar magaluf

While it won’t be the summer we were expecting at the start of the year, its great to see the resort of Magaluf slowly returning to normal, and sooner than we all expected.

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