Oceans Beach Club To Open A Brand New Nightclub This Summer

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Famous for its outrageous daytime pool parties, VIP beds, 6 litre bottles and champagne spray events, Magaluf’s awesome Oceans Beach Club has released it has plans to open a brand new nightclub for summer 2019.

The nightclub, located directly next to Oceans Beach Club, aims to bring great DJs and style back to the resort.

Rumour has it a new glass wall is being built into Oceans Beach Club, allowing nightclub guests amazing views of the swimming pool from inside the venue and the morning sunrise over Magaluf beach.

Following the success of F**K Me It’s Friday and the Jungle Party events at Oceans Beach Club Magaluf last summer, we expect similar events to be held in the nightclub allowing parties to run until 6am.

More news and pictures to follow….

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