Magaluf’s New Laws: What You Need To Know

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As you may be aware, recently Magaluf has been all over the news with articles stating how “the party resort faces crackdown” and “this is the end for Magaluf and Ibiza”.

We are here to give you the truth of the new laws the tourism council have passed around multiple resorts in the Balearic Islands, Majorca and Ibiza. Here is what you need to know and what changes, if any, are being put in place for Magaluf 2020.


magaluf balcony jumping

This is when an individual thinks it’s a fun idea to jump from their balcony to either the pool or another balcony. While this is stupid, the resort sadly has seen too many instant deaths because of this. The new law, which is more of a reinforcement, states that anyone who jumps from their balcony or climbs across to another balcony will be removed from the hotel immediately and face a fine in the range from €6,000 (£5,100) to €600,000 (£510,000). We welcome this strict policy and hopefully we can see an end to the pointless deaths that happen in many resorts across Europe.

Supermarkets That Sell Alcohol Must Close By 21:30

Magaluf supermarket ban

The old licence for supermarkets that sell alcohol is that they must close by midnight and it is forbidden to sell alcohol past 00:00. This will now be brought forward to 21:30. Many people think there is no need to change the times for the supermarkets. Shops can then be reopen at 08:00. The fact that supermarkets can not sell alcohol during this time isn’t really a problem at all and will actually make bars and clubs busier earlier, leading to a better atmosphere and nights out.

Ban Of New Boat Party Licenses

Magaluf boat party

At this time being, they will not be issuing any “new” boat party licenses. This does not affect the current boat parties that have operated in Magaluf for years and these will continue to run as normal.

Free Bars And Drink Advertising

Magaluf pr

The new law will prohibit bars from advertising alcohol offers. This could be anything from buy one get one free offers to random drink deals and happy hours. Not really an issue as all bars employ PR’s outside their venues and we are currently unsure if the law applies to only visual advertising like signs and banners or verbal advertising too.

Bars and clubs that offer an open bar and or free bar policy will need to change. As of now, there are very few places that offer this anyway and this might even lower the cost of entry tickets to the venues on the ones that did.

Self-Service Alcoholic Machines Banned

Magaluf drink law

Didn’t really exists in Magaluf apart from a couple of hotels.

There will also be talks about all inclusive hotels limiting the amount of alcoholic drinks that can be served. But as of now, things will stay the same as the hotels have already signed contracts with tour operators to offer all inclusive food and drink. If you have booked an all inclusive hotel, this will not affect you.

Bar Crawls

Magaluf bar crawls

For the past few years it has always been prohibited to organise and run a bar crawl. For those who don’t know, a bar crawl is when you pay an organiser to take a group of people to different bars in the Magaluf strip while spending around 45 minutes at each bar. The bar crawl would usually get drink offers at each bar that normal customers would not get. They were always a great way to meet other people and see which bars you like and don’t like. The law that these can not happen will still stand (we have 1 girl and 24 men to thank for that), however multi-ticket events that take place in multiple venues are allowed.

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