Magaluf Nightclubs

Magaluf Nightclubs

The Best Magaluf Clubs & Nightlife

We know that Magaluf, Majorca, is one of the most popular party destinations in the world. Magaluf has a huge multicultural atmosphere. The Magaluf nightlife attracts people from all over the world during the summer months.

The reason people love Magaluf is because of the wide selection of things to do, from stunning restaurants or beach clubs to renowned clubs and the most famous worldwide.

The Magaluf nightclub scene is split into two sections. One being the superclub that is BCM Magaluf, and the other being the MCP clubs known as the Magaluf Club Pass.

The Magaluf Club Pass, or MCP, is a collection of 4 nightclubs and 1 strip club. The pass allows you entry into all 5 venues on the same night for the price of 1 club ticket. It’s a great way to enjoy the music you want to hear. If you don’t like one nightclub, you can simply go to the next. Also, it is a great way to experience the Magaluf nightlife if you are only in resort for a short Magaluf weekender.

Below, we show you a list of the best nightclubs in Magaluf that you should not miss out on if you want to prepare your Magaluf holidays properly or to enjoy to the fullest the Magaluf nightlife has to offer.

BCM Magaluf

Also known as BCM Planet Dance, or BCM Mallorca, is Magaluf’s only “superclub”.

Voted every year in the “top 10 nightclubs in the world” by DJ Mag, BCM Magaluf is a must visit club for anyone that has the thirst for nightlife in Majorca.

BCM Mallorca has a capacity of nearly 5000 people and is hosted across numerous rooms and floors with the main club room being the most impressive.

The likes of David Guetta, Snoop Dogg, Martin Garrix, Calvia Harris and Tiesto have all played at BCM a number of times, making the club a must visit hotspot for tourists and celebrity guests. Even Paris Hilton has done a set at this superclub.

The BCM calendar usually gets released at the start of the summer and tickets for their events can be found on the BCM page. 

If you are going to Magaluf to visit one club, this is the one.


Boomerang Magaluf - MCP

One of the four MCP nightclubs dotted around the Magaluf strip, Boomerang is one of the best.

Located at the top end of the Magaluf strip, Boomerang hosts nightly events and is home to celebrity appearances from people like Mark Wright, Michelle Keegan and Made In Chelsea stars.

Boomerang Magaluf features some amazing live acts during the summer which can all be found on the Magaluf Event Calendar. Previous summers have seen acts live Lethal Bizzle completely light up the dance floor.

Tokio Joes - MCP

Magaluf’s only hip hop and RnB nightclub, Tokio Joes is a must visit for anyone looking for an urban vibe.

Located right in the centre of the Magaluf strip, Tokio Joes brings the best in urban music to Magaluf, all the way until 6am.

The nightclub generally opens a little later in the summer compared to other clubs and will usually be open from mid May until September.

Bananas Magaluf - MCP

It’s all about the dance classics with Bananas Magaluf. If retro hits are your vibe, this is the club for you.

Bananas is located at the very top of the Magaluf strip, near hotels based in Torranova and Palmanova. It is also the biggest out of all the MCP nightclubs with an amazing sound and light system.

Guest acts can be found here during the summer months which include Cascada to Sean Kingston. 

Coco Bongos

The famous Coco Bongos is one of Magaluf’s biggest bars.

The nightclub like atmosphere plays all the biggest anthems of the summer while the massive outdoor terrace provides the perfect spot for relaxing with a cocktail.

Coco Bongos is mostly busy at the start of the night as it is located off the Magaluf strip and next to BH Mallorca and BCM Hotel.

The venue is open during the daytime where you can get a full English breakfast and lunch until the early evening. It is also home to the afterparty for the show Pirates Reloaded.

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Tiger Tiger

Tiger Tiger is the newest addition to the Magaluf strip.

The large venue is open all the way until 4am every night and plays the latest chart music non stop.

Tiger Tiger has a large outside terrace which is ideal for people looking for a break from the music and is conveniently located right in the centre of the strip near Vista Sol Hotel.

The Square Magaluf

Formally BCM Square, now The Square Magaluf, is home to a collection of bars off the Magaluf strip.

The venues located in the The Square include Peaky Blinders Magaluf, Coyote Ugly, Beirkeller and The Ivy Lab. 

Each bar has its own unique style and atmosphere and provides a create variety of different drinks to enjoy.

The Plaza Emporiyum is home to a collection of different food stations and with a huge outdoor terrace, it the the perfect place to enjoy something to eat while the sun sets over Magaluf.

The Square Magaluf is located next to BCM Magaluf and Hotel Samos and is one of the more popular places for live sports due to their numerous outdoor screens.

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Crystals Bar

Crystals bar is located at the start of the Magaluf and is a stag and hen hotspot.

The resident DJs play anything, from big party anthems to classic chessy retro hits.

Crystals is great for large groups looking for something fun and due to its located, it is very popular at the start of the night.

The outside terrace provides chill out sofas with full table waitress service and shishas available on request.

The Red Lion

One of the most famous bars on the Magaluf strip. The Red Lion is known for its wild party atmosphere.

Here you will find the legend doorman, Benji. Known for being able to lift 20 stone men above his head and with his teeth. Benji’s fun attiude makes The Red Lion an ideal spot for stag do’s looking for things to do in Magaluf. The PR’s outside offer a host of drink deals for both hen parties in Magaluf and stag parties in Magaluf.

The Red Lion’s music policy is anything goes.

Magaluf Rocks

Party bar, Magaluf Rocks, can be found at the top of the Magaluf strip and is known for a great meeting point for stag and hen parties.

The bar plays all the current chart hits and party music until 4am and is great for large groups.

Located next door to Magaluf Rocks is Pure Lapdance and both venues are home to Magic Matty XXS, the Magaluf Dwarf

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The Office Club

One of the very few Magaluf bars open until 6am, The Office Club is Magaluf biggest bar.

Situated over two floors, the venue plays non stop house and EDM with an impressive light and sound system.

The Office Club is located directly in the centre of the Magaluf strip so expect this place to be completely full come 3am.

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Lennons has one of the bigger outdoor terraces on the Magaluf strip which makes the venue great for people looking to sit down, and relax.

The resident DJs at Lennons Magaluf will play a mixture of charts, party and dance and are open to song requests should you want something specific. 

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Capitol Bar

Capitol Bar is one of the few venues that boasts a great view of the Magaluf strip.

The venue is located above Secrets Lapdance and is a great place to enjoy a night out in Magaluf.

The music policy is charts and RnB and has an outside terrace overlooking the Magaluf strip.

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The stylish bar can be found at the top of the Magaluf strip and is a great place for groups coming from hotels in Torranova and Palmanova.

Faces Magaluf is open until 4am and plays a mixture of the current chart music. It is located next to Boomerang nightclub making it a great stop off bar before you go clubbing.

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