Magaluf and Ibiza to stay open this Autumn

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In light of the events around the world this year, it is safe to say Spring time in Magaluf and Ibiza will take a huge cut in tourism and events.

The #MoveYourSpring campaign is uniting businesses in a bid to lengthen the tourist season through to the at least the end of October.

Numerous events that were planned for Spring have been moved to October 2020. The plan is to reduce the economic loss faced by many businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tourists are being urged not to cancel their Magaluf holiday, but rather change their reservations to September-October. Local businesses are are encouraged to join the proposal in extending their season.

Talks are already happening with hotels to stay open later than usual and airline companies are already offering deals to travel to Magaluf during the Autumn season.

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The #MoveYourSpring campaign has been launched on social media and plans will be proposed to attract visitors to Magaluf and Ibiza in the warmer months.

September and October are a great time of the year to visit Majorca. The Summer heat is subsiding and the warmer, less intense heat is upon us. The average temperature for October in Ibiza and Majorca is a pleasant 21°C with highs of 25°C. With average lows of 18°C during the evening.

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