Magaluf Weather July

Weather Magaluf In July


Magaluf weather in July is one of the best months to visit Majorca, one of the Balearic Islands in Spain. The average temperature this month is 24°C, which is the second highest it gets in the entire year. Afterward only August is warmer and then only by one degree. Also the nighttime average low temperature is 17°C and during the day, the temperature rises to a hot average of 31°C. Generally both the low and high averages tend to increase in the course of the month. Firstly, July 1st is the coldest day of the month, although that’s definitely relative, and has a night temperature of 18°C and an afternoon temperature of 29°C. Secondly, July 31st is the hottest day of the month with a low temperature of 19°C and a high of 31°C. Lastly, the sea temperature averages a bath-like 24°C, the same as in September.

Sunshine Hours

July in Magaluf may not be the hottest month of the year, but it is the sunniest! There are 13 glorious hours of sunshine per day on average, one hour more than in June and August. Consequently this high number of sunshine hours can be explained by the fact that July is also the least cloudy of all months. As a result, cloud cover averages 23% this month, with a low of 22% on July 21st, which is usually the clearest day of the entire year. Therefore a typical day in July is clear or mostly clear 69% of the time, partly cloudy 16% of the time, and overcast or mostly cloudy merely 5% of the time. Subsequently, July features perfect beach weather!
July is also one of the months with the most daylight, which is another factor that plays in role in the month’s sunniness. Consequently only June has longer days. However, July is characterised by slowly shortening days. Firstly, July 1st is the longest day of the month with 14.54 daylight hours. Secondly, July 31st, with 14.14 hours of daylight, is the shortest.


It is not only the sunniest month of the year but July in Magaluf is also the driest month. The total amount of rainfall is only 10mm, spread out over no more than 3 days with precipitation. Thereby in July, there are 28 days without any rainfall whatsoever. For instance, the chance that rainfall occurs is essentially constant throughout the month and ranges around 12%. As a rule, with a chance of 11%, July 22nd is the driest day of the whole year. Conversely, if rainfall does occur, it is most likely to happen as thunderstorms. Generally they are observed on 38% of the days with rainfall. Moderate rain is common as well, occurring on 30% of those days. Likewise, other types of precipitation that may occur are light rain and drizzle, recorded respectively on 17% and 13% of the days with rainfall.

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