Guide To Working In Magaluf

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For first timers, taking the steps to work abroad can always be a difficult task. Where do you live, what do you do for work, how much will you get paid? There’s a lot to know and take in when you decide a summer season in Magaluf is for you.


If you already have the skills, or want to try your hands on something new, there are many jobs in Magaluf that will suit everyones tastes. The most popular positions are:

  • Bar staff
  • Waitering staff
  • Glass collecting
  • Bar and club PRs
  • Shot girls
  • Event ticket selling
  • Hotel and holiday reps
  • Dancers
  • DJs

The first step is to decide what you’re good at, and what you would prefer to do. While most jobs are easy to pick up and you can get stuck in straight away, dancers and DJs tend to have previous experience.

When Is Best To Go

The main summer season of Magaluf starts beginning of April, however some places may open mid March. The season runs everyday, all summer until around mid October. Some people decided to work all the summer season months while others may decided to come in June and work a few months before returning to uni or the UK end of August. If you are looking for the best chance to get a job, April, May, June and July are great months to come.

How Easy Is It To Get A Job

Most places will offer you a trial. This is generally a one day or one night shift to see how you get along before hiring you. As long as you turn up on time, be presentable and do the job they require, you shouldn’t have any issue getting a full time job. Jobs come and go every single night so keep asking, but remember, a lot of people want to work in Magaluf so if you turn up late or don’t perform well, they will easily replace you with someone else.

How To Find Jobs Online

The Magaluf jobs board is updated daily during the summer. This is a great place to start by checking this forum everyday and seeing what jobs are available in Magaluf and how to apply for them.

How Much Will I Get Paid

This can vary between positions, day and night work and experience. You will tend to get paid from €50 a shift up to €100+ for commission based jobs. Most places will pay you cash and will pay you weekly. Out of all the popular summer season party resorts, Magaluf is one of the highest paid resorts for workers.

How Much Is Accommodation

Accommodation in Magaluf can again vary in cost. Usually expect to pay around €100 – €125 a week for a bed. This is usually based on 2 people sharing a room. You will also need to pay around 1-2 weeks deposit that is returned to you at the end as long as your apartment is in the same condition as when you got it. Contracts are generally not given when renting an apartment, so be sure to listen to other workers and avoid renting off anyone with a bad name.

How Do I Work In Magaluf

The big question. There are two routes you can go down to find yourself a summer job in Magaluf:

  1. The old school way which is to book a flight, book a hotel for a couple of weeks, and simply go around asking all the businesses for trials. During this time you will need to look for accommodation. The best way to find accommodation is to speak with other workers and join Magaluf Workers facebook groups. You will need to sort out your own NIE number (Spanish form of Social Security) for jobs that require you to have one.
  2. Book through a recruitment company. A recruitment company is the best way to secure you place in Magaluf for the summer. While you will still need to find a job yourself, they will help you every step of the way. A Magaluf recruitment company will usually do the following:
    • Meet you and pick you up from the airport
    • Provide accommodation for the first few weeks in resort
    • Help you find future accommodation
    • Provide you with jobs and trials
    • Help you get your NIE number

The recruitment company we suggest using is:

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