Magaluf Coronavirus Update

Last update 18th July 2020 12:59

The Balearic Government have ordered the closure of all commercial establishments across numerous streets in Magaluf. This includes the main Magaluf strip, some adjacent streets and beach front businesses. 

For now, the only businesses that may open can be found here.

Magaluf beach is open as normal.

Palma airport is fully open and accepting flights from the UK and EU countries without quarantine.

Nightclubs, such as BCM, will not be open this summer.


As it stands, as of Monday 13th July 2020, you will need to wear a face mask to travel around public areas. This includes walking the streets, around your hotel, and anywhere that is classed a pubic area. 

To put it simply, if you are outside your hotel room, you will need to have a face mask.

The fine is currently €100 for people who do not follow this rule.

This does not include when swimming, at the beach or eating or drinking or doing exercise. 

Extra masks can be bought from all pharmacies and most supermarkets.