Coco Bongo Cancun Plans To Take Over BCM?

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The Mexican group that revolutionised the Mexican night with live shows and is already present in Punta Cana will make the leap to Mallorca.

Coco Bongo is a success both in Cancun , where this Mexican signature club began, and in Playa del Carmen. After making the jump to the Dominican Republic, to Punta Cana, Mallorca enters the radar of these nightclubs to disembark in Europe.

BCM is the place to which Coco Bongo has set his eyes, according to sources that Maga Bible has had access to. The start-up of the Mallorcan Coco Bongo has not yet finalized. The Department of Public Relations of the Mexican firm, Sebastian Robles only admits that “different analyses”  of the project have been carried out on the island and that “for now” will not be carried out. Now they are focused on an opening in the Aztec country.

However, there is still a long time to start the summer 2019. BCM closed its doors on October 6 “after an amazing season “, according to the Cursach Group.

Behind Coco Bongo is the Mexican businessman Roberto Noble , who in the mid-nineties revolutionised the nights of Cancun by introducing live shows with musical and acrobatic numbers to his discos.

It was the year 1996 and in its decision to bet on this tourist destination weighed especially the large influx of visitors throughout the year.

Then came the opening in Playa del Carmen, at the end of 2008, before the growth experienced by the Riviera Maya . The investment was around 7 million euros . And five years later the subsidiary was opened in Punta Cana, in a project close to 9 million euros . Noble is linked to nightlife since the seventies, when he opened his first nightclub in Mexico City.

Tickets at Coco Bongo revolve between 62 and 130 dollars and bachelor packages 440 euros.

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