Magaluf Weather April

Weather Magaluf In April

Sunshine Hours

It is easy to see why people go to Magaluf in April during the Easter break. With temperatures reaching as high as 19°C in the afternoon and an average 10 hours of sun per day, the Magaluf weather in April makes for a welcome change from the British weather! This is because the length of the days increases gradually as the month goes on. So April 1st is the shortest day with 12.40 daylight hours and April 30th is the longest with 13.51 hours of daylight.
Because of this increase in day length, it is responsible for the increase in sunshine hours. Overall in April, there are 10 hours of sunshine per day, which is already two hours more than in March.


April is known for increasing temperatures. Specifically the normal daily high temperature is 19°C and the average daily low temperature is 7°C. However both temperatures increase a lot in the course of the month. Firstly from 18°C to 21°C and secondly from 7°C to 10°C. So the overall average temperature in April is 13°C. Therefore the sea temperature in Magaluf in April keeps on increasing as well. The Mediterranean Sea now average 16°C, one degree more than in March, but still way below the yearly maximum of 26°C in August.


There is a chance of rain on 9 days of the month, but there is so much to do at this time of the year that a few April showers are unlikely to put much of a downer on your holiday. Firstly, the total amount of rainfall is 50mm, which makes April, together with November and January, the second wettest month of the year. Secondly, only October, with a total of 70mm, receives more rain in the month. Consequently it is good to remember that 9 days with rainfall also means that there are 21 days (or three full weeks) without any rainfall at all!
The most likely type of rainfall is moderate rain, happening on 46% of the days with rainfall. Furthermore, the chance that you will get rain on any given April day averages 31% and that percentage doesn’t change very much in the course of the month. Likewise, drizzle, light rain and thunderstorms are all equally as likely to happen and each is observed on 17% of the rainy days.

Cloud Cover

Cloud cover averages 42% in April and doesn’t vary much throughout the month either. Thus this percentage means that a day in April is generally partly cloudy.  Therefore a normal April day is clear or mostly clear 48% of the time, partly cloudy 26% of the time, and overcast or mostly cloudy only 18% of the time.

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