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Maga Bible is the leading website for Magaluf news, tickets for Magaluf events and guides to Magaluf – Majorca. We work directly with all event organisers and all our Magaluf event tickets are official and direct from the supplier.

Maga Bible is an official supplier of Magaluf tickets for a selection of the best things to do in Magaluf, such as BCM Magaluf, Ocean Beach Club and the dwarf stripper – Magic Matty XXS.

Also, for people that are looking to book a Magaluf hen party or Magaluf stag do, you will find plenty of guides and things to do in on our events page. Here you can find VIP packages including beds at Oceans Beach Club and events for the Magaluf nightlife.

You can book the best Magaluf boat parties and find the most popular things to do in Magaluf during the day, and check out the best bars in Magaluf to visit at night.

Also, you can see what the Magaluf weather will be like during your stay and plan ahead on how much sunscreen your ginger friend is going to need.

The Magaluf Event Calendar will show you what events are taking place during your holiday and allow you to buy your Magaluf event tickets online before you arrive.

All our news is submitted by users in Magaluf. You can submit your content from your holiday here, and if its good, we will post it online and on our social media channels.

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