Magaluf will have the largest outdoor gym in the world

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Magaluf will have, from the 25th of April, the largest outdoor and stable gym that has been built. The Cursach Group will begin next week the installation of more than 300 machines and devices that will make up this innovative and pioneering area dedicated to health and fitness in the outdoor area of ​​the BH Mallorca hotel , in the heart of Magaluf.

It is a new proposal for the clients of the hotel establishment consisting of a large weight room of 1,100 square meters , bounded, monitored, under awnings of colours, ventilated, and under the permanent supervision of fitness professionals hired for this purpose.

There will be 88 machines, two large structures and more than 200 devices form a set of a health and fitness area never built before in a stable manner and that will accommodate up to 500 users at the same time.

The largest stable outdoor gym in the world will be in the space occupied in recent years by STAGE , the concert area of the hotel. The STAGE program moves to the BCM nightclub this season, in front of the BH Mallorca hotel.

The management of BH Mallorca clarifies that this great and innovative gym adds to the range of services included to its customers, although as every year a ‘Day Pass’ will be established that will allow any people interested to use all the common areas of the hotel without limits (also the gym and the water park) for a whole day.

BH Fitness is the firm that supplies all the machines and equipment that will make up this new tourism proposal in Mallorca, and that will be released this April.

BH Mallorca will be hosting 3 big pool parties a week in the peak of the summer including the Tom Zantentti Pool Party, Lovely Laura Pool Party and the popular KISS FM Pool Party.

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